We can't shout about how much we love this place without a shout out to Ryleys on the Rows. To anyone who visited over the last few years, you'll know the special community Faye built, going above and beyond to everyone who stopped by. At HYGGE, we want to grow that, we're taking what Ryley's became and making it bigger than ever. There is so much potential for this incredible space and we can't wait to share it with you all!

So why HYGGE? Well, firstly an admission... we're not Danish - I know, I know, but, the (Danish) word just encompasses everything we want this haven to be. It's a safe space to come, be yourself, be with friends and be a part of a community. It's important to us we maintain that, which is why we work very closely with the local council and some of our lovely street homeless visitors with our Pay It Forward Board as well as big celebration meals.


HYGGE isn't just a random word, it has a meaning, and something we're striving hard to achieve. To us, HYGGE can't be summed up in a word... it's a feeling. That feeling you get from a friend and it's been a while and you get that hug, that feeling of comfort, warmth and just content you get; that is the feeling that is encapsulated by the word HYGGE.

The Team Who Make This Possible